Virtual Tour 360 Video and Photography Solutions

By Cape Town Photographer, Russell Tranter

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Few things sell a property more quickly than a virtual tour. Many potential buyers do not have time to go house hunting on a regular basis. These people will frequently turn to the internet to screen properties and select the ones in which they might be interested. When meeting with a real estate agent, many buyers will be eager to view in person those homes they have seen on the web.

Using Virtual Tour to market your property

That’s where Cape Town Photograher, Russell Tranter’s virtual tours can play such an important role. While many confuse a virtual tour with a traditional slide show, the two are nothing alike. While the slide show tour restricts the viewer to zooming in and out, true 360 Virtual Tours allow the user to pan up, down and all around a room with little more than a mouse click.

In creating Real Estate Virtual Tours, the photographer takes multiple sequential photos at predetermined stops that ensure coverage of every inch of a room. He then makes use of stitching software to combine these into one continuous panorama, and the choice of that software will vary.

Method behind a Virtual Tour

Rectilinear stitching, which combines pictures taken by a rotated digital camera, produces a panorama with a limited viewing range in the vertical direction. Both cubical and spherical stitching, on the other hand, can produce true 360-degree virtual tours. Cubical stitching does this by converting a panorama into a cube-shaped box, and the more modern spherical method stitches together photos taken with a fish-eye lens. Both generate panoramas around which the viewer can pan without limit in every direction, resulting in a Virtual Tour that Cape Town realtors can trust.

A realtor who links to Cape Town Photographer, Russell Tranter’s Virtual Tours from his web page enables potential clients to preview the homes of their choice without leaving their living rooms to do it. Any client who has viewed these Virtual Tours will already be half-sold on the properties he likes long before arriving at the realtor’s office.

Only a professional photographer can produce the kind of Virtual Tours Cape Town realtors are proud to display. I use state-of-the-art photographic hardware combined with the advanced stitching software required to bring you 360 Virtual Tours that are sure to leave a lasting impression. We create Virtual Tours that Cape Town buyers can view in confidence. Contact us today for a free quote!



  1. Krpano – Flash, HTML5 & WebGL
  2. Kolor Panotour & Panotour Pro – Flash, HTML5 & WebGL
  3. Pano2Vr & Object2VR – Flash & HTML5
  4. Flashificator – Flash only
  5. Ptgui – Flash & HTML5
  6. Saladoplayer – Flash only
  7. QTVR – Flash only (via CuTy)