Jewelry Photography

Selection of jewelry from Made of Mettle in Cape Town

I am a jewelry designer and owner of Made of Mettle. I was looking for a photographer in Cape Town to photograph my whole collection of rings, cuffs, earrings and necklaces. I was referred to Russell by a close friend of mine. I had heard of Russell before but never had the opportunity to work with him until now. He came to my workshop for a meeting and we went over all of my requirements and idea’s and formulated a plan. Russell promptly arrived a few days later with a great photography setup including lighting, flashes, camera’s, light tents and everything else he needed to create some beautiful product photography. I had previously tried to photograph my jewelry before but i was never happy with the results. Hiring a professional product photographer really made all the difference. We photographed hundreds of items of jewelry which took a whole day and not only were the photographs amazing, but he charged me half the price of other quotes i received. Russell is now my go-too photographer for all my new products and designs. – Tracey

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